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For students interested in writing, photography, art, social media, filmmaking and journalism

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The Art of Story Writing

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 Workshop begins from 18th Feb 2023
Manpreet Kaur
Author of ' Storytelling with Doodles'
Mandeep Attri

Digital Strategy and Transformation Consultant

A two months long online  workshop, specially designed for young students and writing enthusiasts to analyze various stories, and help them create their own stories.
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Program Features

What is it about

Exploring the different facets of communication and media as a career choice and hands-on skill building sessions with practitioners from the field.

How it works

Practitioners from the fields of communication and media will conduct specific skill-based workshops and share their work and experiences. They will engage in career-building discussions as well. The programme will be conducted in Hindi and English.


Anyone with an interest in the arts - writing, photography, art, social media, filmmaking, journalism. Some workshops will need prior sign-ups.

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School Co-ordinator

Bijal Vachharajani

Writer and Editor
Masters, Environmental Security & Peace,
University for Peace, Costa Rica