School of Critical Thought

The school intends to introduce students to critical thinking and develop their analytical skills

Course 2


Course instructor: Dr. Ajay Kumar Koli, PhD UoH, Hyderabad; Assistant Professor, Vishwakarma University, Pune
From 15th December 2021
8 online sessions, every Wednesday & Friday 6.30 pm

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Program Features

Course Curriculum 

  • Introduction to social science research - process, literature review, measurement
  • Research approaches
  • Ethics in research
  • Sampling
  • Quantitative methods and analysis
  • Qualitative methods and analysis
  • Using R for research writing and communication


8 sessions of 2 hours each
Starting from 15th December, 2021
Live online every Wednesday and Friday

Who can attend?

All Graduate level and above students interested Academic research

Live classes every Wednesday & Friday 6.30 pm

Previous Workshops

Workshop 4: 20th June, Sunday

Workshop 3: 28th March, Sunday

Workshop 2: 14th March, Sunday

Workshop 1: 28th February, Sunday

Recorded Workshop Videos & Reading Material

School Co-ordinator

Prof. Ravikant Kisana

FPM Cultural Studies,
MICA, Ahmedabad