Stepping into the Future: AI for Nalanda Students

Nov 10

~ Rahul Ghope

In the swiftly changing world of technology, one standout force is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The recent buzz around OpenAI's ‘ChatGPT’, now freely accessible to everyone, has brought AI into the limelight. AI is not just a buzzword; it's a transformative presence touching every aspect of our lives—from assisting in emails, education, and workplaces to making waves in healthcare. This technological wave is marked not only by ChatGPT but also by the promising emergence of new AI tools such as Bard from Google and Bing AI from Microsoft.

AI's versatility is evident in its applications—polishing spelling and grammar, editing images and graphics, composing music, and much more. Its growing ubiquity suggests a paradigm shift in the employment landscape. While concerns about AI replacing jobs have been raised, the silver lining is the creation of new job opportunities. Those well-versed in AI tools will find themselves in high demand.

Despite being creations of human ingenuity, AI systems depend on human guidance. Hence, acquiring skills in AI tool usage becomes paramount for future employability. The ability to harness AI tools is not merely an option; it's becoming a necessity.
For our esteemed Nalanda students, now is the opportune moment to acquaint yourselves with the AI revolution. Abundant resources, including user-friendly platforms like YouTube channels and websites, offer insights into AI tools like ChatGPT. Acquiring proficiency in these tools is an investment in future employability—a step towards staying relevant in an evolving job market.
To readers of The Path Magazine who excel in the domain of AI, your expertise is invaluable. Join Nalanda's network of mentors and contribute to shaping the future, come and teach our students about the latest AI tools and techniques. Together, let's lead the charge in this AI era!

Rahul Ghope is a 2018 Batch Nalanda Alumnus,
pursuing M.A. Social Work in Rural Development from 
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur Off-Campus