School of Law

Designed to provide guidance to talented but underprivileged students to pursue legal education
An introduction to Indian Constitutional Law

Course instructor: Preethi L.N., Doctoral Scholar in Law, Lancaster University, UK; BA.LLB (Hons.), NLSIU Bangalore (Gold Medalist)

From 6th December 2021
20 online sessions, every Monday 7 pm

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Program Features

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the land. The organs of the State derive their powers from the Constitution.
The course aims to introduce students to relevant theories and concepts in the field of Indian Constitutional Law, 
the organs of the State, with particular focus on Judiciary & equip students with the facilities to examine human rights violations of the weaker sections.

20 sessions of 2 hours each

Who can attend?
All students interested in Law, Indian Polity and Legal History

Course outcome
The course will enable students to be able to demonstrate understanding of the major principles of Indian Constitutional Law and develop an appreciation of the nature and scale of the efforts to protect the rights of the vulnerable and marginalised. 

Live classes every Monday 7 pm

Old Recorded Video Lectures & Reading Material for CLAT

Course Lessons

School Co-ordinators

Avantik Tamta

LL.M, University of Cambridge

Neeraj Paswan

BA. LLB, NUJS, Kolkata