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Digital Nalanda is an initiative of Alumni and Students of Nalanda Academy, Wardha
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Nalanda Academy

Nalanda Academy is an Educational Resource Centre for the marginalised, rural, non-English medium students. In last 8 years, it has successfully trained 600+ students from 15 states, who are now studying in various premier universities in India and abroad. The Academy also houses Nalanda Abhiyan Labs for school children, to acquaint them with emerging technologies. As part of the Community Outreach Program, it runs 14 Abhiyan Libraries in different villages.


The seeds for the Nalanda Academy were sown in 2013 with a 4 months training program conducted by Anoop Kumar at Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha for 22 under-graduate women students.
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In 2014 June, Anoop Kumar with the help of local community established Subedar Ramji Ambedkar Public Library at Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha. Later in September he alogwith Kapil Wankhede and Sapana Jambhulkar founded Nalanda Academy.


In 2015 September, the local community invited the Academy to function from the premises of Samyak Buddha Vihar. Since then, the Academy is hosted in the Vihara that houses a library, a lab and classroom facilities for over 200 students. 
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Abhiyan Humane, an expert in Arts, Sciences and Design, conducted a month-long Science and Technology Summer Workshop for the school children in June 2017, in Wardha. Its success marked the foundation of Nalanda Labs.

ABHIYAN HUMANE (1976-2019)

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Abhiyan Humane is the founder of Nalanda Labs, Wardha. He studied and worked in the United States in Arts-Science-Technology and Innovation for over a decade. Since 2015, he became a pillar of support to the Nalanda Academy, devoting his time and resources to mentor Nalanda students. Before joining Nalanda full time in 2018, he taught Art, Design and Technology in Bengaluru. He was a teacher, storyteller, mentor, artist, scientist, changemaker, spaceman. But most of all, he exemplifies an idea which continues to inspire us.


Nalanda Labs, founded by Late. Abhiyan Humane in 2018, is a platform for students to pursue their interests in sciences, design and technology. Lab is designed to be an ecosystem for young students to explore the intersections of Art-Science-Technology.
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Babasaheb Ambedkar envisioned Buddha Vihars as knowledge and community resource centres. To fulfil his vision and to provide conducive learning environment for our students, Nalanda Academy has set up 14 Abhiyan libraries in different Buddha Vihars. This programme was initiated in March 2019, in the loving memory of our friend Abhiyan Humane. 


Because of the Covid pandemic, the Academy had to discontinue its regular classes from March 2020. Then the Academy started online classrooms. Apart from Nalanda students, many more students could join the academy online. This led to the Idea of an E-resource center, specially designed for students from rural and marginalised backgrounds. On 14th October 2020, Dhammachakra Pravartan Day, DIGITAL NALANDA was launched as a free online teaching platform. 
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In just three months of its launch, Digital Nalanda is subscribed by over 5000 students.

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